Thursday, September 12, 2013

Me and My Mom: Navigating Love


  1. This is great! You are so very loving and expressive!

  2. As a little girl, I remember your Mom being so kind to us. I never felt anything but love from her to you. Some people are expressive and others are not. But from the outside, I could tell she loved you and cared very much that you were happy. It may not be expressive love but I could feel it there. xo Nancy

  3. Thank you, Nancy. I so appreciate your sharing what your experience of my Mom was in relation to you and to me. Your response means a lot to me. <3

  4. Hi Audrey!
    On my laptop I can't very easily make out the text of this -- the resolution isn't clear enough. Audrey -- is there anything I can do about this? Making it bigger doesnt help & I want to read what you've done....

    Any ideas??



    1. Hi Connie,
      I'm very sorry to hear you are not able to read the text of these drawings (and probably others). I have been working hard to find just the write markers so I write clearly, but it also sounds like your laptop connection has some kind of effect. I don't know if using the same browser I use to post my work would make a difference. I use Mozilla firefox. If that doesn't work, I am happy to type out the text for you and send it to you in an email. I won't be able to do it immediately, but I have made a note to myself. Let me know if using firefox makes a difference in the clarity of the writing. If not, I will type it up for you.
      Thanks so much for stopping by to have a look!

      xo Audrey